Xavu Sales and Distribution Software

With the boom of E-Commerce, there is a sudden rise in the number of distribution software used to market and sell products. Consumers would much rather prefer buying their products in the comfort of their own homes with the click of a button, rather than traveling to a crowded marketplace and finding the product. This is one of the main reasons that E-commerce has boomed to such a great extent. From electronics, household and stationary to clothes, everything is being sold online. In fact, people are even starting to order beverages and food online. With such a wide range of customers to cater to, the companies would definitely need the best sales and distribution software available to ensure optimal sales and a fresh, easy to use and user friendly interface to gain a strong foot in the world of E-commerce.


5 (1)We provide solutions for wholesale and distribution. Our main purpose is to assist mid-sized, fast growing distributors at achieving a competitive edge against their fellow competitors by offering various services such as integrated ERP, CRM solutions, E-commerce, accounting, fulfillment, and inventory. Our solutions and dedicated soft-wares offer clear and easy functionality to assist companies in planning and execution of any new ventures, or revenue generating schemes they might start, thus allowing the distributors to improve their practices and adapt to a changing market while remaining the best at what they do and not getting revenues slashed with the emergence of smaller and newer companies. It also allows users to make decisions in favor of the company as it is a very basic concept of people preferring to take an option that is easier overall.
Why Xavansa
5 (2)Xavansa Information Systems Pvt Ltd has a team dedicated towards Sales & Distribution software designing which is always custom tailored to the requirements to our clients. Our software manages all requirements of Distribution Agencies and FMCG Agencies. It is easy to use, user-friendly and solves all day to day problems which may be faced by the user. We understand that each of the clients have a unique set of needs, so we provide custom solutions for each of them.
Our most salient features are:

  • Stock Availability and Check in Order: Our software allows you to constantly update your inventory and stock. This would prevent any uncertainty in the field.
  • Excise, VAT, Sales tax Computation in Order: Our software provides the user most commonly calculated terms such as Excise, Vat, Sales tax etc. Thus, saving the user a lot of time.
  • Complete audit trail: Our software helps to make a complete audit, very easily.
  • Operations based on role and scope: Our software allows you to separate different operations based on their purpose, role etc
  • Lot / Serial No Tracking: Our software allows you to track certain inventory based on their serial no. This is a very helpful feature.
  • Drop ship Order Handling: Our software allows you to constantly monitor the shipping details as well. Thus making it a very efficient.