Real Estate
Real estate is an industry which can never stop growing as every minute there are new people that are born, and these people need to have a place to live. Keeping this in mind, Xavansa have dedicated a team of creative and smart people to come up with with real estate internet marketing solutions in Noida. When the solution for almost all forms of search is Google, then why should your real estate needs be left out of the rings of the search engine?

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 At Xavansa we optimize your business in way that reflects your vision to  everyone on the internet through effective search engine optimization of  all your online content. We understand that the job of searching for an  accommodation of dreams is quite perspiring and so; we have put our  efforts through Xavansa’s efficient software design we try our best to  reduce your pains and open up, in front of the clients thousands of  choices from within the comfort of their living rooms.

Our real estate service includes:

  • Our real estate software puts an end to the searches of homes, rented apartments and other customized real estate needs which are commonly met by the support of database technologies.
  • We are an end solution to any of the real estate internet marketing solutions in Noida as we build techniques that give detailed information regarding the loans, finance and any other listings that comes forward along with the buying or renting of the real estate.
  • Our web solution features some of the most tech savvy services like interest rate calculators, photo gallery upload option showcasing the virtual first view of the home, Google map integration for the assistance of direction, calendar that would help in fixing appointments between the buyers and sellers and many other similar features.
  • We design easy and simple registration forms for both the buyers and the sellers that help in keeping record as well as putting a check on any fraudulent activity.
  • The web interface designed by us completely caters to the needs of both the buyers and the sellers.

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Why us:

  • Xavansa, brings to you real estate internet marketing solutions in Noida as the members of our tech-team put their efforts to bring comfort to the users.
  • Our focus is on the requirements of the clients. We try to get to that core requirement and apply it keeping in mind the ease of usage.
  • Our aforementioned features that we instill in the real estate software also help you to find potential users and reach beyond your initial targets.
  • All of our software is designed keeping in my mind your specific needs and instructions, no two jobs are ever the same and we make sure that your software reflects your aspirations through our custom design, because we know that no two customers can ever have the same demands.
  • We ensure smooth operations in the long run through behind the scenes follow ups and feedback collected independently and used for your benefit.