Quality management is all about overseeing the activities and tasks required in maintaining the quality of product up to a certain desired level of excellence. We here at Xavansa believe in giving the best possible product to our customers. Our excellent quality management system follows a strict module which is used to test the quality of the product before we start building it.


10 (3)We offer services of custom software development and website designing for our clients because we know that no two clients can ever have the same requirements and hence we put our focus on always providing customized service to our clients and we start afresh on all software and website even if the purpose and needs are similar to anything that has already been created by us.
We understand the uniqueness of the projects given to us by each client and plan our work accordingly. Our team of professionals handle the project in such a way that the client’s requirement is fulfilled while keeping the quality of the product in check while ensuring timely service.
Why Xavansa

In today’s market standards to get the desired quality of the product it is important for you look for a solution provider that cares about your business. And at Xavansa we do care, and through our software we influence employee actions in positive directions to complete tasks according to a set of specifications. The purpose of our quality management systems is:

10 (2)

  • Establish a vision for the employees
  • Set standards for employees
  • Build motivation within the company
  • Total customer satisfaction

In order to achieve this purpose, we follow a specific module which is followed for every product that we build here:

  • Quality planning
    Each client presents us with a different problem which needs to be handled accordingly. We follow a systematic process to translate our quality management purpose. For this, we set up measurable objectives and requirements and lay down a sequence of steps to follow them in a specific time frame.
  • Quality control
    After setting the objectives of quality planning, we put them into action. All professionals dealing with a particular project are familiarized with quality guidelines set for it. They work accordingly and strive to meet, or rather surpass, the quality requirements of the clients for full customer satisfaction.
  • Quality assurance
    Apart from following the guidelines for a quality product, our quality management system also ensures that the quality of work of the employees is kept under check. The work environment at our company is customer centric and this makes sure that the employees are always motivated.
  • Quality improvement
    After the completion of each project, we do a thorough analysis of the performance of our employees and the effectiveness of the approach we used in it. This helps us in improving continuously as we take systematic efforts to incorporate changes in our working to better meet the expectations of our clients.
    After completion we also do follow ups to ensure proper functioning.