A portal is a collection of information from various sources. A portal can also be used as a search engine where users can look for information about any particular topic related to that portal while topics beyond the scope cannot be found. Hence, every company or organization nowadays prefers having their own web portal in order to provide relevant information easily to the users.

A personal portal is basically designed to provide its users a pathway to  connect to other contents on the portal. The main aim of a personal portal  is to provide its users or visitors personalized capabilities to view the  whole portal. A personal portal can be useful in many ways:
It may be beneficial in using distributed applications to provide services  from different sources.
Business portals can be useful in sharing and collaboration of different  workplaces.
Another important use of portals can be the presentation of the content of  the portal on multiple platforms.
A portal is quite different from a normal website. Its main objective is to focus on the users who have been using the service regularly.

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These portals are of huge importance for the growth of a digital marketing business. If you own one, then integrate a portal which the users can use to view the products and services of your company. By doing so, you are increasing the chances of your products and services being sold. For the investment of having a portal, you are getting some business. This can be termed as your ROI (Return on Investment). The primary goals of companies is to maximize their ROI, by having portals, one can definitely increase the ROI.

Developing a web portal is not a child’s play. Lot of things should be kept in mind while integrating the contents of the portal. Xavansa Information Systems is one of the leading web portal development companies. We have successfully developed a lot of portals and are very proud to say that our clients are extremely satisfied with our work.
The portals we have developed till date are successful in keeping the the traffic to your website at an optimum level. We have a team of experts who know which things should be given importance so that the users do not face any difficulty in finding any information. We believe that simplicity is the key, unless the user cannot find what he wants easily, the whole portal is redundant.
The team we have is proficient in developing the following types of web portals:

  • Business to Customer web portals
  • Business to business web portals
  • Educational Portals
  • Social networking portals
  • Travel portals
  • Retail portals
  • E-Commerce portals

We provide this service to the customers since years and have the experience of developing the perfect web portal. The trust and the positive responses from our customers encourage us to work harder in this field. Our team is focused towards fulfilling the requirements of the customers.