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Xavu Inventory Management System(Xavu IMS)
The Inventory Management System is a must have software for any company or enterprise. The software works on a computer based network that works on a host of levels to provide information about the inventory sales, deliveries, orders. Not only this, the software also allows enterprises to create bills, orders of work and production documents. Companies also use the software to keep a track of the availability of their products and to prevent outages or overstock. It is very useful as you do not have to save all those hardcopies and spreadsheets about the inventory data. Managing these hard copies and then accounting for everything would be a troublesome task, therefore due to developing technology and software people have moved on to perform these tasks on the computer.

13 (1) It is a software custom made for the medium and big industries and  organizations. Inventory management software has a host of other  advantages than just “managing” the inventory. Here are some of them:
Cut downs cost:
The inventory management software helps to reduce costs as they can  minimize the extra products and parts they have in their storage. The  companies also get to keep a tab on the demand, so that they have enough  products to meet the demand and thereby keeping the lost sales to a minimum. When compared to the traditional methods of inventory management, this has helped drastically cut down costs.
Jump in Efficiency:
Since there is automation in the inventory related tasks, there is less wastage of time; it saves money and hence increases efficiency. “Time is Money”, time saved is money earned, this time can be used for more productive tasks and thereby increase the efficiency further.
Stay Up to date:
Inventory management software provides real time up-to-date data regarding all the inventory products, levels and conditions. This is advantageous to companies in working more smoothly and faster as well. It also helps to increase productivity in larger companies.

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Xavansa Information Systems is a provider of Billing & Inventory Management Solutions to small and large organizations both. If you are looking for a company to provide you with inventory management software, we are one the best available in the market right now.
And here is what we have to offer,we provide you with the best inventory management software that lets you track the exact current information about any and all products in the inventory.

  • Our software allows you to update any critical information regarding any item. Not only this, we also have options so that you can customize the invoice number, logo, tax code and more.
    Even within the requirements of inventory management software, we understand that each company has a different outlook and hence has different requirements. We carefully analyze these requirements and then provide you with the best software.
  • Our expert management team of experienced professionals is at your disposal to help you along the way by providing valuable information and advice.