Xavu Hotel Management Software(Xavu HMS)

Management in itself is a heavy word. When mixed with hotel, it is a great task to accomplish. These tasks would be difficult to achieve with just manual and mental involvement and zero digital interference.

The importance of hotel management software is imperative for a smooth  running and to eliminate any interference. A hotel has a lot of tasks to  complete like front office, reservation, banquet, HR, finance, inventory,  material management, CRM, security, housekeeping, energy  management etc. These hotel management software allow easy  completion of such tasks and also easy switching and connection between  these interrelated tasks.
Some of the tasks performed by the product are:

  •  Making reservations, invoices, generating reports: Databases for  reservations and the payments could be maintained easily.
  • Customer profile- Customer’s details could be stored for future references
  • Group Bookings- Multiple booking could be done simultaneously.
  • Room Manager- Information regarding room occupants could be stored
  • Room Inventory management- Room availability could be checked immediately for quicker bookings
  • Check In/Check Out- Quicker formalities completion regarding check in/check out.
  • Financial and Business Reports- Creating reports to understand improvements
  • House Keeping- Better house keeping records could be developed
  • Accounting- Complex and time taking accounting and transaction information could be done.

Why Us
Xavansa is a dedicated software development and website designing company. Being a software related firm, it has its roots deeply engrossed in services like Custom software development, Open source development, E-commerce solutions, Portal Solutions, Offshore software development, Website design and development, Software testing and support services to the clients.

Xavansa takes a very professional and unbiased approach towards servicing the clients.2 (1)

  • The simple motto of the company to strictly adhere to the rules and supply the necessities to the client as soon as possible helps them maintain their loyal customer base.
  • The company has a passion for technology and therefore provides its clients with the most innovative and novel technologies for the hotel management software. It keeps on looking for new advancements in the field of hotel management and finds various ways to integrate these developments in their existing software.
  • The hotel management software developed will be customized based specifically on client needs; therefore, no client would ever find his software to be exactly same to the one of some other client.
  • There is a dedicated expert professional team behind hotel management software development with extensive experience of delivering software solutions to clients form different countries.
  • The company believes in a healthy client interaction and therefore take special care to facilitate a strong team building. It builds on an environment that promotes continuous teamwork. It provides the best quality service for a client looking for hotel management software.

We at Xavansa Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. take upon a methodological approach in working on all our projects. We do not simply jump into the issue and provide hasty service. Rather, we figure out the voids and gaps between the target of the company and the current status and then work out how we can best develop software that helps them cross this distance.