Xavu ERP Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a software for business management which can be used by a company to store, manage, collect and interpret data. It is different from the traditional systems development and is considered vital for the organization.

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Without ERP, it will be very difficult for an upcoming business-person or  even an expert in the field to manage their data and keep organized their  business. It is a system that tracks all the activities of the business  resources such as: cost, payroll, orders, raw materials and more. One of  its important characteristics is that it requires a common database, so as  to support all the applications.

Some of its uses are as follows:

  •  It is used in deciding product planning and cost.
  • It is used in marketing and sales.
  • It is used while shipping and making payment.
  • It is used in Inventory management.
  • It is used in manufacturing or service delivery.
  • It offers many advantages to its users as well. These are as follows:
  • It is an integrated business process that helps in saving a lot of time and expenses.
  • It eliminates the chance of errors and the decisions can be made faster by the management.
  • It can improve the efficiency of the business.
  • It helps the business in running their processes smoothly and without any hindrances.
  • It acts like a supportive agent for the top level of management in decision making.
  • It results in increase chances for collaboration.
  • It makes a business firm more flexible by making it adapt the changes.
  • It ensures the security of the data of the company.
  • It helps in revenue tracking.
  • It helps in the sales forecasting.

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    The expert software engineers of our company have created customized software from which the customer can choose the desired one as per his/her need. These are:
  • Small business ERP Solutions
  • ERP and CRM Solutions
  • Customized ERP Solutions
  • Web based ERP Solutions

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