When was the last time that someone went to a store and looked at things and bought it? Whether it is 21 year old Ankit looking for headphones or his 50 year old dad looking for a new mobile phone, everyone is doing it online. Thanks to e commerce, people are switching over quickly to online shopping for all their needs from grocery to clothing to electronic items.

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E-commerce is a form of online interactions where monetary business transactions are made between two parties. Online businesses have boomed a lot since 2008 and the world is much more open and inclined towards buying products and services online as it saves them the hassle, and most products are usually cheaper online. In this decade E-commerce is a part of life all around the globe. Giants like Amazon, E-bay and Flipkart deal with Transactions of astronomical values daily.
Hence it becomes important for an E-commerce website to be designed keeping in mind that the website should attract as many people as possible and should be as simplistic as possible. It is essential to update the website regularly, as huge amounts of money have to be transferred on the website. The content on the website must be as informative as possible with all product related information written in easy to understand and clear language while being grammatically correct.
Who are we?

16 (2)Xavansa information Systems is a software development and website designing firm based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh (Delhi NCR). The company’s mission is to provide custom development of softwares and websites for all clients with no technical jargon or meandering. Just pure and unadulterated results. Xavansa is a company that provides high quality service and gives you the best solutions to all your software and website needs like:

  • Custom development of software
  • Open source development
  • E-Commerce solutions
  • Portal solutions
  • Offshore software development
  • Website design and development
  • Software testing
  • Other support services

Xavansa for all your E-Commerce needs
Xavansa offers clean and slick E-commerce website design solutions to ensure that your users and shoppers get an easy, uncomplicated yet swift and efficient shopping and browsing experience. We also provide a secure payment gateway for all transactions. We can also help you with your database as a good database is needed for any ecommerce website to store product details and inventory details.
Xavansa’s e-commerce services include:

  • Development of e-catalogs for products
  • Website design customized especially for ecommerce
  • Integration of secure payment gateways with your website
  • Efficient search tools for all products and services
  • Order placement and confirmation messages and E-mails
  • Tools for checking shipment and delivery status
  • Reporting of business in real-time
  • Tracking of inventory and management
  • Alerts related to shopping via SMS

Why Xavansa?
Xavansa believes that no two customers can have the same requirements hence all our developed software and websites are designed keeping in mind the clients and their needs. We always add a personal touch to our services making sure the website reflects your vision.
If you are looking to revamp your existing website or to start from scratch on an ecommerce website, contact us and we will help you in every step. Come experience Xavansa’s quality ecommerce development services at affordable prices.