Xavansa Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a well reputed IT service based company. We can help you in designing prospective websites or advertising applications to any other IT product to help your work. We offer the best of our talents in helping you make your business more successful. We can also analyse your needs and develop customised software for you. Xavansa Information Systems is in Noida, a fast developing business area which is developing into the hub of several industries.


Our motto in business is to create an environment of fairness, honesty    and integrity towards our valuable clients, vendors and employees at  large. We are committed to our clients to have a much passion for  technology. We complete every project with methodically structured  approach. Client satisfaction, commitment not to surpass client  expectation, timely delivery are our core values.
We live in a digital world and the internet is a field full of golden opportunities. All you need is an online presence for your business and also some digital marketing. You can start with a well-designed, user friendly website and then proper marketing can get the site high rankings. Xavansa can help you in every step of this.
We provide a variety of services of which include

  • Website designing
  • Ecommerce website designing
  • Portal designing
  • Custom application
  • Internet marketing

These are services which involve creating or redesigning websites or  portals according to the client’s needs. Internet marketing is an important  area which we focus in and give ideas to promote your business online    and we cover SEO and SMO. Our Business analysts help in developing      strategies which will benefit you and increase your popularity online. This  in turn will also increase your profits.

Range of software products

2(7) Today, to maintain and run a business various rigorous accounting methods, not just for money but also for data collection or storing, is required. We provide software for billing or ERP development and this is not just limited to business needs but also for institutions like hospitals. For schools or educational places which require student management or attendance software, we can provide those too. We also have hotel management software, HR payroll Software, Inventory Software, Quality management software and CRM software.
Apart from this we also extend our services in various other fields and can help you expand your horizon. Our expertise in management will help our clients to improve their marketing and production. Our analysts also work towards making the production cost effective which means reduce extra cost incurred during production and as a result the overall extra costs. Real estate, Travel Software, Pharma, Educational, Software, Healthcare Software, Retail Sales Software, Sales & Distribution Software, Manufacturing are some of the other industries we also focus on.

Our vision is to be a service provider who not only helps a client gain their  momentum but always works in a purely ethical way. We believe in  keeping the details of the client private and security to client’s needs and  data is our highest priority. We ensure that our services are worth every  penny that you spent and our quality of work surpasses your  expectations. We keep in mind the client requirements at every stage and  as a result, the analysis or solutions are completely client specific.

Technology is an important part of life and we strive to amalgamate it with your work. In this way, we work hard and strive to be a part of your growing steps towards success.
For more information or queries we will more than happy to respond to them Email us on info@xavansa.com or contact us through the helpline provided on the website.


Our Mission

Our Vision

Corporate Value

Quality Commitment


Our mission is client satisfaction and creating long lasting relationship through high quality, affordable cost services and solutions We are highly aware of our responsibility, and appreciate our clients who have chosen us to work on their software applications. So, we work by a very simple and important principles. Our client approach is very simple but impressive. Supporting the clients is equal responsibility of our staff.


We are dedicate to provide high quality services and solutions to clients. We want to be a global software and services provider company and world leader as well. We want to integrate technologies with your business, so that your business can grow.


Innovative and development ideas is the first priority of business and technical team. Regulatory growth and adoption areas is the responsibility of our corporate social environment. Our objective is to minimize threat to the population which is imposed by complex technology.


Our Quality Policy is to plan, develop and deliver on time the services and products that fulfills the client requirements. We have developed such a quality systems that satisfy our client’s improving needs. We achieve strong quality assurance through teamwork and an environment of continuous improvements. Xavansa provides a lot of products to educational, industrial, government, healthcare, travel & hospitality clients.